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Edwin Moise's Bibliography of My Lai

My Lai Oral History

BBC News Special Report

Story & Photos from the Melbourne Observer (12/14/69)

Edwin Moise's My Lai Bibliography

1LT Tran Ngoc Tan's Letter to Province Chief. March 28, 1968.

1LT Tran Ngoc Tan's Letter to Province Chief. April 11, 1968.

Col. Henderson's Report to MG Koster. April 24, 1968.

Ridenhour Narrative

Presidential Manipulation of  Polls

Dellums Committee Hearings on War Crimes in Vietnam

TruTv: "Into the Dark: The My Lai Massacre"

Anderson, David L,  Facing My Lai, Moving Beyond the Massacre (University Press of Kansas:  Lawrence, Kansas,  1998).  (Extensive interviews with trial participants and the soldiers ).

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Law Review Articles
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