Government Trial Exhibit: Transcription of a Conversation Involving Osama bin Laden

Trial Exhibit:  GX-AF00007T.1

Translator’s Notes:




PH= Sounds like or looks like

[sic] = Exactly as it has been said

Translator’s notes or comments are also enclosed in square brackets, often – but not always- preceded by TN, e.g. [TN:] .



Usama Bin Laden {UBL}:     [UI] =  Azzam [PH] told me . . . not to record anything . . . so, I thought that was a good omen . . . a little before these operations occurred this year [UI] .   Our brother, Abu al-Hasan al-Masri who appeared in it.  He appeared in al-Jazeera TV a few days ago.  He said to the Americans, “If you are [UI] . . . “

Two Ums [in the background] :  Yes.

UBL:  [UI] .  So, he said . . . he said he saw a dream . . . “I saw that we were playing as a team – the Americans . . .

Unidentified Sheikh:  Praise be to God.

UBL:  [continuing to talk about what Abu al-Hasan al-Masri’s said about his dream] “But – and I am wondering . . .  all the members of our team are pilots.  Is this a ball or an airplane?”

[Unidentified Sheikh laughing]

UM [in the background]:  Praise be to God.

UBL:  [UI] -  they are the pilots.  [laughing]

Unidentified Sheikh:  Praise be to God.

UBL:  And he [Abu al-Hasan al-Masri] does not know anything about the operation until he heard about it on the radio.

Unidentified Sheikh:  God is the greatest.

UBL:  He did not know anything.  He said, “The game went on, and we defeated them.”  So, I thought that was a good omen.

Unidentified Sheikh:  God is the greatest.  God has willed it.

UM1:  Our brother, Abd-al-Rahman . . . [PH, LNU, UI].

UBL:  [Laughing]  What did he see [in his dream] ?

UM:  [Laughing]  He saw – he saw – an airplane hitting a tall building – before the operation – he did not know anything about it. . .

Unidentified Sheikh:  Praise be to God.  Praise be to God.

[A male coughing]

Sulaiman Abu Ghaith (PH):  [UI]  I saw that I was sitting with the Sheikh in the room, then I left from one room to another, where there was a TV set.  All of a sudden, the TV broadcast a huge event.  The scene was of an Egyptian family – Do you know when there is a game and the team wins and people’s emotions are broadcast on TV screens . . . An Egyptian family is sitting – the father, the mother and the children – the older son [words cut off] he is overjoyed . . . overjoyed.  A caption was shown on the TV, stating, “In revenge for the children of al-Aqsa.  Usama Bin Laden executes strikes against the Americans.”

Unidentified Sheikh:  God is the greatest!

Sulaiman Abu Ghaith:  I said to the Sheikh [Bin Laden] – there were, I think, about fifty or sixty people.  He said to me, “That’s okay. As long as I . . . [laughing]

Unidentified Sheikh:  Before the – the –

Sulaiman Abu Ghaith:  Before – I swear – before the operation.

UBL:  I swear that he did not know about the – he knew there were operations . . . everybody knew –

Unidentified Sheikh:  That’s true.  Praise be to God.

UBL:  [UI]  Muhammad ‘Ata [PH], may God have mercy on him, was responsible for the Egyptian family . . .

Unidentified Sheikh:  This is true.  For an airplane to hit such spots . . . person . . .   .  He was a pious man in the organization . . . a martyr . . . he said, “I saw as if I was riding on an airplane and the Sultan, the . . . of the organization, a big man.  He said, “I will remain steadfast and I will carry you on my back.  Don’t worry about the road.”  Sheikh [addressing Bin Laden], he pulled me for half a kilometer in the desert.  He pulled me hard.  I prayed to God to help him.  He said, “What I mean – I saw as if we were riding an airplane –“  He said – this is long ago – last year – I did not understand – I mean – [I told the man] “I swear, my brother, I don’t understand you.  Go see [someone who can understand you]” – He said – he said, “I wanted to go for Jihad, but they happened to land in New York, Washington and New York, what is this?” [i.e. the coincident of the dream and the 9/11 attack]  He said, “It hit the building.”  This was last year.  We did not think much about it . . . [laughing]  Praise be to God, when the event took place, he said, “Look!   By God, this is an amazing thing.”  Another man joined in, praise be to God.  He said, “I swear that my wife saw this before it happened . . . she saw an airplane hitting a building . . .”  Praise be to god.

UBL:  The brothers who executed . . .   .   All they knew was that there was a martyrdom operation.  They were asked to go to the United States. . . Europe . . . but they did not know one single little thing about the nature of the operation.

[male voices in the background]

Unidentified Sheikh:  Praise be to God.

UBL:  They were just getting trained. . .   .  They were not told about things there until a short period of time before they boarded [the airplanes] . . .

Unidentified Sheikh:  Praise be to God.

UBL:  [UI] – and those are not the leaders of the airplane.  The leaders of the airplane are there, getting trained.  These [trainees] did not know those [trainees].

Unidentified Sheikh:  Praise be to God.


UBL:  [UI]  in the airplane, and they are going very fast and it is hitting the building – and the operation is going on . . . [laughing] . . . They broke the good news.  We said, God bless you. . .”  [UBL and males laughing]

Unidentified Sheikh:  Praise be to God.

UBL:  [Addressing an UM who cannot be seen on the tape]  It was easy, right?

UM:  Yes . . .

Unidentified Sheikh:  Thanks are to God, to whom all perfection and majesty are ascribed.

UM:  The dream of . . .

Unidentified Voice:  Huh?

UM:  The dream of, what is his name, the brother of Daoud [PH, LNU].

Unidentified Voice in the background:  Sa’d [PH, LNU].

UM:  Sa’d . . .

UBL:  No, no, Al-Ghumaidi.

Unidentified Voice:  Al-Ghumaidi

UBL:  One of the brothers in Qandahar. . . .  We were all sitting . . . [a male coughing in the background]  so, he said that he saw that . . . he was one of the brothers [UI] –

Unidentified Sheikh:  True.  God Bless.

Unidentified Voice in the background:  All . . . was known by the name Ghumad [PH] . . .

Unidentified Sheikh:  Praise be to God.

UBL:  And most of them . . .

Unidentified Sheikh:  True.

UBL:  [UI].  So, he said he saw the Ghunaidi . .  . a lot of them . . .

Unidentified Sheikh:  Yes.

UBL:  He said he saw them in America and that there was a tall building. . .

[Unidentified Sheikh mumbling]

UBL:  And he started teaching them Karate.  I was afraid the secret would come out if each one of them was going to see a vision.

Unidentified Sheikh:  True.

UBL:  So, I closed the subject.  I told him, “If al-Ghumaidi family hears you say that, they will be upset.”

Unidentified Sheikh:  Yes, yes, yes [laughing]

[A male coughing in the background]


UBL:  [UI]  [Addressing an UM in the background]  What did you see [in your dream]?

UM:  [UI, laughing]  I saw – there were two airplanes coming and they caused a huge explosion - 

Unidentified Sheikh:  God is the greatest.

UM:  - to the extent that I was afraid . . .to see the scene [of explosion] . . . I felt that there was something, I mean.  So I said to the Sheikh, “Let us go.”  He said, “Be patient, maybe. . .” [a male coughing]

Unidentified Sheikh:  In the name of God, the merciful, the compassionate.

UM:  [talking about his dream and that the Sheikh told him:]  “Be patient. . . be patient. . . maybe other things will happen.”  [a male coughing]

Unidentified Sheikh:  God has willed it.  [a male coughing]  Was this after the first airplane [hit] ?

UM:  Before – before – the entire operation.

Unidentified Sheikh:  Before the operation.

UM:  Then, we went . . . the operation. . . there remained – remained. . . [laughing]

UBL:  They were overjoyed with the first airplane –

Unidentified Sheikh:  The first one.

UBL:  They thought that this was all.  I told them, “Be patient.”  [laughing]

Unidentified Sheikh:  By God, this was amazing.  By God, Sheikh, when people felt – announcing [the news about} the airplane and . . . they could not believe it.  They were amazed, in the first place, to see this success.  And then, what kind of brains do those people have?  How stupid can they be?  Approximately twenty minutes,  I mean, twenty minutes, eighteen minutes –

UBL:  Between the first one and the Pentagon [airplane], there was one hour.

Unidentified Sheikh:  One hour?

UBL:  Between the first one and the Pentagon [one].

Unidentified Sheikh:  By God –

UM in the background:  After the Pentago [was hit], they started mobilizing by air and sea, and this one went underground and the other one went to a hiding place.

Unidentified Sheikh:  I mean, truly, you see

UM in the background:  [UI]

 Unidentified Sheikh:  They reached a certain level of horror and fright.  They truly expected a coup, I mean and that these people would govern them. . . [laughing]

[A male coughing]

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