Memo from Oklahoma FBI to Minneapolis FBI Concerning
Their Investigation of  Zacarias Moussaoui
(8/24/2001)(Defense Exhibit in the 2006 Trial of Moussaoui)

Federal Bureau of Investigation

 Precedence: Immediate                                                    Date: 08/24/2001

 To:       Minneapolis                                                         Attn:  Harry Samit, JTTF

            Counterterrorism                                                          Mike Maltbie, ITOS/RFU

            Oklahoma City Elizabeth Scott, JTTF

From:   Oklahoma City

                        Squad 4

                        Contact:  Billings Scott A: sab

Approved By:   McDevitt, James Sigler

Drafted By:       Billings Scott A: sabs

Case ID #:        199M-MP-60130 (Pending)

 Title:                 Zacarias Moussaoui,

                        AKA Shakil;

                        IT – Other;

                        OO:  MP

Synopsis:          Investigation conducted in Norma, Oklahoma.

Reference:        199M-MP-60130 Serial 3

Details: Oklahoma City Division conducted the following investigation in Norman, Oklahoma:

                        On 08/23/2001, interviews were conducted at Airman Flight School (AFS), 1990 Goddard Avenue, Norman OK 73069.

To: Minneapolis            From: Oklahoma City

Re: 199M-MP-60130, 08/24/2001

Telephone number (405) 329-1008, in an effort to obtain additional information on the background of Zacarias Moussaoui.

Jerry Carrol, President, AFS, first reviewed computer records and provided information concerning Moussaoui’s experience with the flight school.  Moussaoui took his first experience with the flight school.  Moussaoui took his first flight lessons on 02/26/2001 and terminated his lessons on 05/29/2001 without completing the program.  Carrol was not familiar with Moussaoui and referred the investigating Agents to other employees at AFS who dealt personally with Moussaoui.  Carrol did advise that Moussaoui paid two installment payments for the course.  The enrollment fees totaled approximately $20,000 and Moussaoui paid a cash amount of $2,500 some time in February and then a second payment of $2,495 on 05/01/2001 which was written an a personal check which Carrol believes was from Arvest State bank, also known as Security National Bank.  Carrol indicated that Moussaoui completed about 56 hours of training prior to quitting.  Carrol indicated it appeared Moussaoui fell behind and was not happy with the training he was receiving from AFS.  Carrol identified Shohaib Nazir as being the instructor assigned to Moussaoui.  Carrol indicated that Moussaoui was a walk-in student, meaning he just walked in off the street and requested to take flight lessons.  Carrol said this was highly unusual, especially for foreign students.

            Shohaib Nazir was then interviewed and he advised that he recalls instructing a student named Zacarias Moussaoui.  Nazir was provided a photograph of Moussaoui which was previously provided to Oklahoma City Division by Minneapolis Division and Nazir positively identified this individual as being the student he instructed named Moussaoui.

            Nazir said Moussaoui began his training in the spring of 2001.  He described Moussaoui as a fairly rational individual but was extremely nosey, wanting to know every little detail about everyone and everything.  Moussaoui told Nazir he wanted to learn how to fly airplanes so he could go back to the Middle East.  Nazir said Moussaoui seemed very naïve to think this could happen.  Nazir said Moussaoui never expressed any interest at all at flying 747 planes or large commercial planes, only Cessna’s and similar size aircraft.  Moussaoui told Nazir he had very good contacts back in the Middle East and could arrange to fly overseas if he could complete the training at AFS.  To describe Moussaoui even further, Nazir said Moussaoui was so naïve he pointed out he wanted to buy an airplane like the ones he saw at the AFS.  When Nazir pointed at a plane and told Moussaoui a plane like that cost $27 million he seemed surprised.

            Nazir recalled that Moussaoui had attended the mosque in Norman, Oklahoma but was not very social with any of the members, not was he social with any other of the AFS students.  The investigating Agents asked if Moussaoui had associated with two students named Mohamed Al-Bahalagi and Abuda (LNU).  Nasir said there were two students named Mohammed Barhaji and Shanbeh Abuther but both had moved on and did not complete their training with AFS either.  Nazir was uncertain where these Florida prior to taking training at AFS.  Nazir said Barhaji was from Saudi Arabia and Abuther was from Bahrain.  Nazir does not recall these two ever associating with Moussaoui while at AFS.  Nazir described both of these individuals as very laid back and having a good sense of humor.  Neither had every made any statements which might appear to be radical.  Both seemed to like the United States and were not involved in politics in the Middle East.

            Nazir said another instructor named Jeff Cochran also taught Moussaoui at AFS.  Cochran is no longer at AFS and has moved to the Dallas, Texas area.

            Nazir said that the entire time he taught Moussaoui, no statements of a radical nature were ever made.  Nazir only remembers Moussaoui being an extremely faithful Muslim and preaching to everyone.  Moussaoui never expressed any desire to receive flight training as a means to conducting a terrorist act or any act of violence.

            Nazir said Moussaoui eventually started falling behind in his training and was not catching on like the other students.  Moussaoui became frustrated and quit the training at AFS.  Moussaoui told Nazir he was going to take some time off and visit the United States, possibly New York.

            Brenda K. Keene, formerly Brenda Whitehead, Admissions Director for AFS, advised that she dealt with Zacarias Moussaoui during the enrollment and application process.  She described Moussaoui as being very detailed oriented, to the point of agitating her with too many questions.  Moussaoui first began corresponding with AFS via e-mail while he was overseas.  He used e-mail address “zuluman tangotango<” during this process.  His first contact with AFS was on 09/29/2000.  his first one or two communications indicated he wanted to become an instructor at AFS.  He also expressed an interest in learning to fly for commercial purposes.  Keene wrote him back telling Moussaoui that 60 percent of AFS students are foreigners who eventually end up being commercial or professional pilots back in their home countries.

            Dale Davis, AFS Director of Operations, was also interviewed but was unable to provide any information concerning Zacarias Moussaoui.

            Also on 08/23/2001, Hussien Al-Attas was interviewed at his residence, 209A Wadsack Drive, Norman, Oklahoma 73072, telephone (405)325-9885.  When the investigating Agents entered the apartment, approximately four or five foreign students were present along with Al-Attas.  The investigating Agents indicated a follow-up interview was being conducted to discuss his connection with Zacarias Moussaoui.  When this was said, all of the other individuals quickly left the apartment and said, all of the other individuals quickly left the apartment and advised Al-Attas they would give him some privacy.  Only one of these individuals was identified.  This was Mukraham Ali, who Al-Attas said also resided in the apartment with him.

            Al-Attas indicated he first met Moussaoui some time in July 2001 when Moussaoui came to the mosque in Norman to worship.  Al-Attas claims he only knew Moussaoui as Shakil, and did not even know his last name.  Moussaoui has been living with Al-Attas in the same apartment since 07/01/2001.  Al-Attas said it was only temporary until Moussaoui got his feet on the ground.  Moussaoui asked Al-Attas to accompany him to Minneapolis so he could get enrolled in flight school.  He told Al-Attas that he did not have any other means of transportation up to Minneapolis so Al-Attas eventually volunteered since it was summer time and school at the University of Oklahoma (OU) had not yet started.  Al-Attas told Moussaoui he had to get back within about a week to enroll at OU.  Al-Attas claims he did not ever hear Moussaoui say anything suspicious that would lead him to believe Moussaoui was a terrorist or held any negative views against the U.S., Israel, or anyone else.  None of Moussaoui’s actions or activities appeared to be suspicious either, according to Moussaoui. 

             Al-Attas claims he never had the desire to accompany Moussaoui to Minneapolis but he was convinced to come along and see some of the sites, possibly a trip to New York.  Al-Attas said he reluctantly agreed.

            Al-Attas was cautioned about withholding any information about Moussaoui or being involved himself with Moussaoui and Al-Attas advised he was holding back no information.  He indicated he barely knew Moussaoui and did not even know his real name until they both were arrested.  Al-Attas is extremely embarrassed about being arrested by INS and has not told his family.

            Al-Attas advised he will complete his degree in Math at OU in one year and just wants to graduate and then go back to Saudi Arabia.  Al-Attas claims he has never had as arrangement for employment in Oklahoma while attending school.  He admitted that the Iman of the mosque in Norman paid him $400 per month for working with Muslim students but there was never an arrangement for him to be paid a salary.  Al-Attas said El-Hadj Ndiaye, the Norman Imam, offered him the money for all of his help and Al-Attas has been accepting it.

            Al-Attas described Ndiaye as a 40 year old man from Senegal.  He has lived in Norman, Oklahoma for approximately twelve years and rarely leaves the city of Norman due to fear of traveling.  Al-Attas is unaware of Ndiaye ever leaving the state of Oklahoma.  The interviewing Agents asked Al-Attas if Ndiaye had ever spent any time in Tennessee.  Al-Attas indicated this would have been impossible.  Al-Attas does not believe Ndiaye even owns a vehicle. 

            Oklahoma City Division notes that Drivers license checks were conducted on all possible forms of spelling for Ndiaye and there is no record of him ever operating a vehicle.  Ndiaye resides at 1428 Jami Street, Norman, Oklahoma, telephone number (405) 447-2536.

            When Al-Attas was arrested by INS in Minneapolis, the first thing he did was contact Ndiaye at the Norman mosque.

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