The 1857 Massacre
Engraving of massacre (not historically accurate)
Lee shooting (not historically accurate)
Sketch of massacre site (Harper's Weekly, 8/13/1859)
Maj. John M. Higbee, the man who ordered the killing to begin
Isaac C. Haight, second in command of the Iron County Brigage
Sarah Baker Mitchell, massacre survivor as child
Southern Paiutes

Investigation of Massacre
Bvt. Brig. Gen. Albert S. Johnston
Federal Judge John Cradlebaugh

Key Trial Participants
John Lee with defense attorneys and judge
John D. Lee, defendant
John Lee, writing his confession
Philip Klingensmith, Bishop of Cedar City
Jacob Hamblin, president of the Southern Indian Mission
Nelphi Johnson

Mormon Leadership
Gov. Brigham Young
Lt. Gen. Daniel Wells, Commander of the Nauvoo Legion
George A. Smith, "the father of southern Utah"
Col. William H. Dame (and 3 wives)

Trial Aftermath
Lee in prison writing his autobiography
Lee arriving at Mountain Meadows for his execution
John Lee on his coffin moments before execution
Mountain Meadows in 1900
Mountain Meadows today (5 photos by website author)

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