The Trial of Sir THOMAS MORE: Selected Images

Thomas More & Family

Sketch of More by Hans Holbein

Portrait of More by Holbein (1527)
Portrait of More (1530)
Sketch of More Family by Holbein
Margaret Roper (daughter)
Thomas More & Henry VIII ("A Man for All Seasons")

Royal Family

Henry VIII
Catherine of Aragon
Arthur, Prince of Wales
Anne Bolelyn

Other Key Players in the Controversy

Cardinal Thomas Wolsey
John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester
Thomas Cromwell
Thomas Cranmer

Trial and Execution

Photograph of More's cell in Tower of London
Arrest & Supplication of Sir Thomas More by Antoine Caron (1591)

More Bidding Farewell to Margaret Roper
Photograph of More's Execution Site
Scene of an Execution at Tower Hill
Execution Block Used at Tower Hill
Margaret Roper Rescuing More's Head
Statue of More in Chelsea


Trial of Sir Thomas More