The Trial of Dan White: Selected Images

Harvey Milk by the photo shop he operated in San Francisco's Castro District

The Victims
Harvey Milk
George Moscone
Milk during campaign
Milk on inauguration day walk to City Hall (1/8/78)

San Franciso Examiner front page

Assassination Day Photos
Supervisor Feinstein announcing the deaths of Milk and Moscone
White being taken into custody
 (photo: John Storey, S.F. Chronicle)

San Francisco Chronicle front page

Dan White

The Defendant
Dan White

Rioters protesting White trial verdict outside S. F. City Hall (May 21, 1979)

Trial Participants & Trial-Related Images
Defense Attorney Doug Schmidt
District Attorney Joseph Freitas
Twinkies image
Firefighters during riot protesting verdict

Milk: The Movie Starring Sean Penn
Trailer from Milk: Victory Day

The Dan White (Harvey Milk Murder) Trial