RIDGE: Behind Blue Beacon?
JESSIE: Behind it, right there behind it.
RIDGE: Okay, what occurred while you were there?
JESSIE: When I was there, I saw Damian hit this one boy real bad, and then uh, and he started screwing them and stuff and then uh,
RIDGE: Alright, you got in front of you a picture, that was taken out of the newspaper I believe, it's got three boys and these are the three boys that were killed on that date in Robin Hood Woods, okay, which one of those three boys is it you say Damian hit? The third picture, which will be
JESSIE: Michael Moore
GITCHELL: This boy right here?
GITCHELL: Alright, that's uh the Byers boy, that's who you are pointing at?
RIDGE: If you read the caption, "the grizzly slain from left, 8 year old Michael Moore, Steven Branch and Christopher Byers." Okay, so you saw Damian strike Chris Byers in the head?
RIDGE: What did he hit him with?
JESSIE: He hit him with his fist and bruised him all up real bad, and then Jason turned around and hit Steve Branch.
JESSIE: And started doing the same thing, then the other one took off, Michael Moore took off running, so I chased him and grabbed him and hold him, until they got there and then I left.


RIDGE: Alright, you went home and about what time was it that all of this took place?
RIDGE: I'm not saying when they called you. I'm saying what time was it that you were actually there in the park?
JESSIE: About 12
RIDGE: About noon?
RIDGE: Okay, was it after school had let out?
JESSIE: I didn't go to school
RIDGE: These little boys
JESSIE: They skipped school
RIDGE: They skipped school?

Gitchell: Alright, who tied the boys up?
Jessie: Uh, Damien.
Gitchell: Did Damien just tie them all up or did anyone help Damien or
Jessie: Jason helped him.
Gitchell: Ok, and what did they use to tie them up?
Jessie: A rope.
Gitchell: Ok, what color was the rope?
Jessie: Brown.

JESSIE: And after I left they done more.
RIDGE: They done more
JESSIE: They started screwing them again.
RIDGE: Okay, how were they screwing them when you saw them?
JESSIE: They, Jason stuck his in one them's mouth and Damian was screwing one of them up the ass and stuff.
RIDGE: Okay, and the one that they were cutting the penis off of, did any of them are cutting the penis or whatever was being done, did they have sex with them at all?
RIDGE: Did either one of them?
JESSIE: Jason did
RIDGE: Jason did?
JESSIE: Jason was screwing him while Damian stuck his in his mouth.
RIDGE: Okay, how did he have sex with that one?
JESSIE: He was holding him down like, and Jason had his legs up in the air and that little boy was kicking, saying, 'Don't, no' like that.
RIDGE: Okay, he had his legs up in the air, alright, what was to keep the little boys from running off, but just their hands are tied, what's to keep them from running off?
JESSIE: They beat them up so bad so they can't hardly move, they had their hands tied down and he sit on them


GITCHELL: Have you ever seen them with a briefcase before?
JESSIE: I've seen them once that night, I seen them with it that night.
GITCHELL: Okay, what is kept inside of that briefcase?
JESSIE: They had some cocaine, and a little gun
GITCHELL: Is that when you first saw the pictures of the boys?
JESSIE: Yes, out there in Lakeshore
GITCHELL: And you saw the pictures in the briefcase?
JESSIE: Yes, I think when we had that cult.
GITCHELL: Okay, now you have participated in this cult, right?
GITCHELL: How long have you been involved in it?
JESSIE: I've been in it for about three months.
GITCHELL: Okay, what is, tell me some of the things that you all do typically in the woods, as being in this cult.
JESSIE: We go out kill dogs and stuff and then carry girls out there.
GITCHELL: What do you all do with the girls when you're out there?
JESSIE: We screw them and stuff.
GITCHELL: Just everybody takes a turn?
JESSIE: Everybody, and we have an orgy and stuff like that.
RIDGE: When you kill a dog, what do you do with that?
JESSIE: We usually skin it, then make a barn fire and eat it and stuff
RIDGE: Okay, when you're initiating somebody new come into a cult what actually is done to initiate that person into a cult?
JESSIE: We usually you know, kill an animal, you know, you have to know how to handle the meat and stuff, after we kill it to see if he knows, if he can't handle it, then he don't get in.
RIDGE: Okay, so he kills an animal, you mentioned earlier that he may have to eat part of that animal, what part of the animal would he eat?
JESSIE: Uh, the meat off of his leg.
RIDGE: The meat off of his leg.
JESSIE: If he can't eat it, then he don't get in.

[Later statement]

Gitchell: Jessie, uh, when when you got with the boys and with Jason Baldwin when you three were in the woods and then little boys come up, about what time was it? When the boys come up to the woods?
Jessie: I would say it was about 5 or so 5 or 6.
Gitchell: Now, did you have your watch on at the time?
Jessie: Huh uh (no)
Gitchell: You didn't have your watch on?
Jessie: Huh uh (no)
Gitchell: Uh, alright you told me earlier around 7 or 8, which time is it?
Jessie: It was 7 or 8.
Gitchell: Are you
Jessie: It was starting to get dark.
Gitchell: Ok, it
Jessie: I remember it was starting to get dark.
Gitchell: Ok, well that clears it up. I didn't know, that's what I was wondering, was it getting dark or what.
Jessie: We got up there at 6:00 and the boys come up and it was starting to get dark.
Gitchell: Ok, so you and Jason and Baldwin uh, Damien you all got there right at 6.
Jessie: About 6 yeah
Gitchell: Is that a normal time that you all meet at 6?
Jessie: Yeah.
Gitchell: Ok, when you do your cult stuff does 6 mean something, I mean is that a time you normally do meet?
Jessie: Yeah.
Gitchell: Ok, so you all met out there at 6 and then the boys come up about what time?
Jessie: About 7.
Gitchell: About 7:00, Ok. So you all were out there with the boys and all this stuff going on and until you noticed it starting getting dark. Is that correct?
Jessie: Yeah.
Gitchell: Ok, now are you sure about that?
Jessie: Yes.