FOGLEMAN: Ok. And Jodee, I want to direct your attention to uh - May of 1993, after the murders of the three little boys. Uh - did you have an occassion to be at the softball field and uh - hear a comment in regard to the murders?

MEDFORD: Yes sir.

FOGLEMAN: Alright. Tell the jury uh - first - well, tell the jury first what you heard.

MEDFORD: Um - I heard Damien Echols say that he killed the three little boys and before he turned himself in, that he was gonna kill 2 more and he already had one of 'em picked out.

FOGLEMAN: Alright. Uh - where were you in relation to the group he was talking to?

MEDFORD: I was walking around the corner from where he was standing.

FOGLEMAN: Ok. The corner of what?

MEDFORD: The concession stand.

FOGLEMAN: Alright, is the person that made this statement in the courtroom?

MEDFORD: Yes sir.

FOGLEMAN: Alright, would you point him out for the jury?

MEDFORD: Right there.

FOGLEMAN: Your Honor, may the record reflect the witness has identified the defendant, Damien -


DAVIDSON: Ok. Um - were games going on at the time?

MEDFORD: Yes sir.

DAVIDSON: People yelling at the games and that sort of thing?

MEDFORD: Yeah, but you could still hear him say it.

DAVIDSON: Ok. Now, you were by yourself when you walked by?

MEDFORD: Yes sir.

DAVIDSON: You say you saw Damien Echols, who was with him?

MEDFORD: I don't know, it was just a bunch of people that he was talking to that their backs were turned to me.

DAVIDSON: So, he was facing you and everybody else was facing the other way?

MEDFORD: Facing him.

DAVIDSON: How many people were there with him?

MEDFORD: I'd say about 6 or 7.

DAVIDSON: 6 or 7. And who were these 6 or 7 people?

MEDFORD: I don't know.

DAVIDSON: Don't know 'em at all?

MEDFORD: No sir.

DAVIDSON: Could you pick them out today, if they were in the courtroom?

MEDFORD: No sir...

DAVIDSON: Had you heard people talking about Damien before this?

MEDFORD: Yes sir.

DAVIDSON: Did you think - did you think he was kind of weird or something?

MEDFORD: Yes sir, 'cause he was dressed all in black and his hair was jet black and long and shaved on the side.

DAVIDSON: Ya'll always thought he was kinda weird looking, didn't ya?

MEDFORD: I had never seen him before that night.

DAVIDSON: You had never seen him before. You hear people calling him Edward Scissorhands?

MEDFORD: No sir.

DAVIDSON: You didn't hear that. Ok, how far were you away from him when you heard this conversation? About - did you earlier say about from this distance?

MEDFORD: Yes sir.

DAVIDSON: And would you agree with me that that's about 25 feet?

MEDFORD: I guess.

DAVIDSON: And what did he say before he said this?

MEDFORD: Before he said that he killed 'em?


MEDFORD: I don't know, I was walking around and I just heard him - he said that "I killed the three little boys" and I turned around 'cause that didn't sound right and then he finished what he was saying.

DAVIDSON: And tell - tell me what else he said.

MEDFORD: He said, "I killed the three little boys and before I turn myself in, I'm gonna kill two more and I already have one of 'em picked out."

DAVIDSON: Ok. And then what did he say?

MEDFORD: And I - I went off and told my mom