The McMartin Preschool Trial: Selected Images

Prosecutor Lael Rubin
 McMartin Preschool Scenes
Front of School
Digging for Tunnels (court records)
Real Tunnels at the School (Peggy Buckey photo)
Sidelot Excavation (court records)

The Indicted 
Ray Buckey (AP)
Peggy Buckey (AP)
Virginia McMartin (AP)

Prosecutor Lael Rubin (LA Times)
Defense Attorney Daniel Davis (LA Times)
Defense Attorney Dean Gits  (LA Times)

The Experts
Kee MacFarlane (photo: Easy Rider)
Dr. William Gordon

The Judge
William R. Pounders (LA Times)

The Jury
Jury at Press Conference (Corbis)

Kelly Michaels Trial
Kelly Michaels


McMartin Preschool Abuse Trial