Excerpt from Thalia Massie's Statement to Honolulu Police (3:30 a.m., Sept. 13, 1931)
(from the notes of John McIntosh)

Thalia Massie

Captain John McIntosh:  Will you relate what happened to you tonight?

Thalia Massie: I left home about nine P.M. with my husband to go to the Ala Wai Inn. In our party were Lieutenant Branson, Lieutenant Brown, and their wives. They had been to our house and followed Mr. Massie and I to the Ala Wai Inn in their own cars. When we got to the Inn, the six of us took a table together. Around 12 midnight I decided to go for a walk and some air. I walked along Kalakaua Avenue and crossed the canal and turned down John Ena Road and walked a block or so down John Ena Road. A car drove up behind me and stopped. Two men got off the car and grabbed me and dragged me into their car. One of them placed his hand over my mouth. When they got me into the back seat of the car they held me down between them. They were Hawaiians. I begged and pleaded with them to let me go. I struggled to get off the car and away from them and they kept punching me on the face. I offered them money if they would take me back to the Ala Wai Inn. They asked me where the money was. I told them it was in my pocketbook. They grabbed my pocketbook and found I had no money in it. They were driving along the Ala Moana Road all this time, heading towards town. I really don't know how far they drove me-maybe two or three blocks. They drove the car into the underbrush on the right hand side of the road, dragged me out and away from the car into the bushes and assaulted me. I was assaulted six or seven times.

Captain John McIntosh: You mean they raped you?

Thalia Massie: Yes.

Captain John McIntosh: How many men were in the car when they stopped and picked you up on John Ena Road?

Thalia Massie: At least four; two in front and two in the back seat.

Captain John McIntosh:What nationality were they?

Thalia Massie: Hawaiians, I would say.

Captain John McIntosh:  What make was the car which they had?

Thalia Massie: It was a touring car. I can't say what make it was, but I think it was a Ford.


Captain John McIntosh:: What color was it?


Thalia Massie: I don't know.

Captain John McIntosh: What was the license plate number, do you know?


Thalia Massie: I think it was 58-805. I would not swear to that being correct. I just caught a fleeting glimpse of it as they drove away.

Captain John McIntosh:: Where were the others of your party when you started out for this wa1k?

Thalia Massie: They were all at the Ala Wai Inn.

Captain John McIntosh: After these men assaulted you, what happened?  Did they drive away and leave you there?

Thalia Massie: One of them told me which way to go to get back on the road.  Then they bolted for their car, got into it, and drove away. I managed to get back on the road and stopped a car coming from Waikiki and heading towards town. I told the occupants of the car what had happened to me-that I had been assaulted by some Hawaiians-and asked them to take me home. They wanted to bring me to the police station but I asked them to take me home, which they did.

Captain John McIntosh: Who were those people?

Thalia Massie: I don't know. They were white people. There were two men in the front seat and two women and a man in the back seat. I sat in the front seat and they took me home in Manoa. After I got home, Lieutenant Massie called me on the phone from a friend's house. I told him to come home at once, which he did, and I told him what had happened to me. He immediately called for the police.

Captain John McIntosh: Would you know the car which they were in if you saw it again?  I mean the car in which your assailants rode.

Thalia Massie: I think I would if I saw a rear view of it and saw the back seat.

Captain John McIntosh: When they dragged you from the car, how far did they take you away from it?

Thalia Massie: Not very far.

Captain John McIntosh: Did you hear any names mentioned?

Thalia Massie: I heard the name "Bull" used several times and some common name like Joe or likened to that.


Captain John McIntosh: Do you think you could identify these men, Mrs. Massie?


Thalia Massie: I don't know.


Captain John McIntosh: You were taken to Emergency Hospital before coming here, were you?

Thalia Massie: Yes. I was taken there and examined.

Captain John McIntosh: What colored dress or gown did you wear tonight at the Ala Wai Inn?

Thalia Massie:: A green dress.

Captain John McIntosh: Where is that dress now?

Thalia Massie: At home.


Captain John McIntosh: Was it tom at all?


Thalia Massie: I don't think it was.


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