Excerpts from the Testimony of Thalia Massie (in the "Honor Killing Trial")

[Clarence Darrow]: Q: Do you remember the night of the party at the Ala Wai Inn?

A.: Yes.  We went to a dance.
Q: Did you have anything to drink?
A: Yes, I had half of one highball.
Q: You don't care for liquor?
A: No.
Q: When did you leave the dance?
A: About 11:35 at night.
Q: Where were you going?
A: I planned to walk around the corner and back.
Q: Do you know where Tommie was when you left?
A: No. When I saw him he was dancing.
Q: Why did you leave?
A: I wasn't enjoying the party and I was tired and bored.
Q: Where did you go?
A: I started walking toward Waikiki Beach.
Q: Where were you when something unusual happened?
Kelley:  Objection.  We are not retrying the Ala Moana case...
Darrow:  When did you next see Tommie?

A:  About one o'clock in the morning. I left the Inn about a half hour before midnight, when this terrible thing happened, and I finally reached my own home. Lieutenant Massie telephoned me and I asked him, "Please come home right away, because something terrible happened.''

[Massie is overcome by crying.  A few minutes later, testimony continues.]
Q: What did you tell Tommie when he came home?
A: When he came home, I did not want to tell him what had occurred because it was all too terrible. He asked me, "Please, what happened?" And I cried and said they had beaten me up and assaulted me.
Q: Did you tell Tommie who attacked you?
A: Yes, some Hawaiian boys.
Q: And did you tell him what you did?
A: Yes. I told him Kahahawai would not even let me pray, but hit me just as hard as he could on the jaw, and the pain hurt so much. I was able to get one hand away from him and I said, "Look out, you have broken you have knocked out some of my teeth."
Q: Keep on.
A: Kahahawai said he didn't care and for me to shut up. I asked him, "Please do not hit me any more," and he replied, "Well, shut up then," and he swore at me.
Q: Did the other men attack you, too?
A: Yes, all of them. ...
Q: How did Tommie take all this [about the abortion]?
A: He could not sleep or eat and he got so thin....  

(Excerpts from Peter Van Slingerland, Something Terrible Has Happened (1966))
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