Selected Prosecution Exhibits in the Nelson Mandela (Rivonia) Trial

Confiscated weapons

1.  Confiscated instructions for a grenade

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2.  1963 ANC Pamphlet


Five Whites were murdered in the Transkei, another hacked ot death at Langa…Sabotage erupts every other week throughout the country, not here, not there.  The Whites are turning vicious and panicky…At this rate, within a year or two South Africa will be embroiled in the second, bloodier, more furious, Algerian war.


YOU now face an indefinitely long future of terror, uncertainity and steadily eroding power.  You will keep a gun at your side, now knowing whom to trust.  Perhaps the street-cleaner is a saboteur, perhaps the man who makes your tea at the office has a gun…You will never be safe and you will never be sure.


3.  Transcription of ANC Radio Broadcast, June 26, 1963

Radio equipment used to transmit underground broadcasts

            This is the radio of the African National Congress, calling out from underground in South Africa.  Our radio talks to you for the first time to-day, June 26th, but not for the last time.  There will be more broadcasts.   

            The Government imposed a twenty-four hour house arrest order on Walter Sisuli.  We could not accept this.  We are not afraid of gaol, or even death in the struggle.  Even in gaol the struggle goes on.  Those in gaol are there as captives of the Government. 

           Our Congress decided that Walter Sisulu should leave his home.  His house was being used by Vorster to imprison him.  Today he continues to lead our organization and the people.  He leads from underground.  Here, from underground, is Walter Sisulu to speak to you:

            Sons and daughters of Africa!  I speak to you from somewhere in South Africa.  I have not left the country.  I do not plan to leave.  Many of our leaders of the African National Congress have gone underground.  This is to keep the organization in action; to preserve leadership; to keep the freedom fight going.  The struggle must never waver.  We of the African National Congress will lead with new methods of struggle.  The African people know that their unity is vital.  In the face of violence, many strugglers a for freedom have had to meet violence with violence.

             How can it be otherwise in South Africa?

4.  Excerpt from "Speaker's Notes-A Brief Course of Training for Organizers"
(found in the car of Arthur Goldreich)

One must know about sabotage, its purpose, and one must know about guerrilla warfare as a distinct form of warfare from regular warfare…

The aims for which the war is being waged must be explained with absolute clarity, as it is imperative and vital that the people should understand and be convinced of the need to risk their lives for their ultimate freedom.  This, in fact, is the key to the success of your recruiting campaign.