The Molly Maguires Trials: Selected Images

Arrest of an Irishman (from "Pay-Day in the Mining Regions")
Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 9/4/1875

A "coffin notice" (death threat)

"The Strike in the Coal Mines--Meeting of 'Molly Maguire' Men"
(Harper's Weekly, 1/31/1874)

John Kehoe (alleged mastermind of conspiracy)

Nine Mollies (all executed on Black Thursday)

The Victims of Molly Assassinations

"Pay Day in the Mining Regions"
(series of sketches from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 9/4/1875)

James McParlan (undercover agent for Pinkertons)

Sketch of McParlan playing cards at home of Patrick Hester, a member of theMollies
Pinkerton Agency, The Molly Maguires and the Detectives (1877))

Black Thursday: "The March to Death"
 (Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 7/7/1877)

"The Molly Maguires" (1970 film)

Courthouse in Pittsburgh, 1857
Appeals to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in the Hester, Tully, and McHugh cases where heard in this courthouse.