Ornithology and Urine

I think sometimes that we are dreaming here. When the learned doctor got on the stand who had been employed to find out jut how crazy these two fellows were, he was probably instructed: "Just make them crazy enough so they won't hang, but don't make them crazy enough to make it necessary to put this up to twelve men, because twelve men are not going to be fooled by your twaddle. Just make them insane enough so it will make a mitigating circumstance that we can submit to the Court."
One of these men who had been employed to examine into the mental condition of Leopold, got upon the stand and he is asked:

"Doctor, do you know that Leopold has written a great deal upon the subject of Ornithology,
that he is one of the authorities on that subject in the United States, that he had lectured before
the students at Harvard University upon that subject?"

"Yes, sir; I do." "Did you see his work?"


"Did you read that?"


"You were employed to examine that man, weren't you?"


"What did you do?"

"I examined his urine."

"Don't you think you could get a better idea of his mental condition by reading the things that he
wrote, the product of his brain, than you could by examining his urine?"

"I don't know," was his reply.