UMKC School of Law

This is a community of law, and this community will survive or fail as we enforce our laws and respect them. I continue the reading:

"The more we do what in us lies to secure a certain and swift justice in dealing with these cases, the more effectively do we work against the growth of that lynching spirit which is so full of evil omen for these people, because it seeks to avenge one infamous crime by the commission of another of equal infamy."

I submit, if Your Honor please, that it is safer to follow the reasoning of this state document than it is to follow the sophistries of Clarence Darrow.

I submit that it is safer to follow the philosophy of Theodore Roosevelt as he laid it down in this great state paper when he was President of the United States and was only concerned with the enforcement of the law, than it is to follow the weird and uncanny philosophy of the paid advocate of the defense, whose business it is to make murder safe in Cook County.