Psychiatrists Quoted on Loeb

"He makes friends very easily and feels quite at ease with strangers. He is inclined to be a leader and likes to dominate his environments.

"He has always been fond of athletics and outdoor sports such as tennis, swimming, hockey, skating and so forth, always been fond of bridge. While he plays some other card games he has not been particularly interested in them. He is considered an extremely good bridge player and has spent a great deal of time playing it. He is fond of dancing and mixed society. He has used alcohol considerably since he was 15 and gotten drunk a number of times.

"In 1912 at the age of seven, he and Jack Mandel built a five-foot square room with a pointed roof. This was used as a play house. A year or so later the boys formed a guinea pig company and used the playhouse for the office of the company. In 1916, Richard Loeb, with five or six other boys published two issues of a small three by five inch 24 page journal, called Richard's Magazine. His contribution was that of being editor, manager, and author. His writings showed quite advanced thinking for a boy of his age, and reflected well the humanitarian environment of his home."