UMKC School of Law

The same argument was made by Mr. Darrow with reference to Leopold as was made about Loeb. First he began to blame the old German philosopher Nietzsche, although every student in every university for the last 25 years has read his philosophy. And then I guess he thought that would not do because if reading this philosophy would be an excuse for this crime, how about the countless thousands who have gone before and who are still reading this philosophy who lead decent, honorable lives?

He did not have a poor old nurse in this case to blame, and he was quite satisfied in blaming some remote ancestor, so he blames their parents, respectable, decent law-abiding citizens.

The only unfortunate thing that ever came into their lives was to have a snake like Leopold in that decent family. Casting blame where blame was not due, but where sympathy should go out as it does go out from the heart of every person in this community, to the respected families of these men.

But Darrow says, "No. Save your sympathy for the boys. Do not place the blame on the boys. Place it on their families. This is the result of heredity."