Fainting and Licking Waiters

"Your Honor will recollect that while doctors employed by the defense were sitting in the court room, witnesses were put on to testify to fainting spells. Now, what was the purpose of that? The purpose of that was to lay a foundation, in my judgment, for some doctor to later take the stand and testify that Loeb was suffering from epilepsy; and it would be argued that, having epilepsy, his mind was diseased.
Dr. Hulbert in his report, as I will later show you, says that there were not any evidences of fainting in Loeb, except one fainting spell that he had during initiation; and yet witness after witness was put on, and they testified that he fainted, that his eyes were glassy, and that he frothed at the mouth.
But cross-examination showed that he was merely drunk; he was not rigid, but he was stiff; his frothing at the mouth was a drunken vomit, and after he got through he wanted to lick a couple of waiters."