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No emotion in the superman Leopold? No, he killed all his emotions before he came into Court, on the advice of counsel and the advice of doctors. But on page 102, when he is talking, he says:

"It was necessary to hit the victim several times over the head and he bled some. This upset the [Leopold] a great deal. He said to [Loeb], ‘My God, this is awful.' He experienced a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. His hands trembled, he lost some of his self-control. [Loeb], however, laughed and joked and helped [Leopold] to get back his self-control."

The newspaper report that he is a cold-blooded scientist, with no emotions and entirely unconcerned, the argument of his counsel, that he is a cold-blooded scientist, with no emotions, and entirely unconcerned, as Drs. Hulbert and Bowman say on page 109, "is completely wrong."