Leopold Blackmailed Loeb for Sex

And the case closes, and we are just as much in the dark as ever as to what these four crimes (of Loeb) were, because the doctors concluded that legally and forensically it was inadvisable to question him about it. And then, I ask you, when Darrow talks about tricks, who are the tricksters in this case.
What strange hold did this man Leopold have upon Loeb? Why did he submit himself to the unnatural practices of Leopold? I will tell you, Your Honor, and I think I will demonstrate it beyond a peradventure of a doubt that these four episodes, that these four crimes were known to Leopold, and he blackmailed Loeb, he threatened Loeb with exposure if he did not submit to him, and Loeb had to go along with Leopold. And Leopold was willing to go along with Loeb because he could use his body for vile and unnatural practices. And I will prove that, and I will prove that by the testimony of the defense beyond a reasonable doubt.