Leopold and Loeb Are Emotionally Responsible

     [Loeb's] emotions overcame him. "He choked up, and he wiped his nose with his fingers. He wiped away the tears." The other fellow hasn't any emotions either, Your Honor, none at all. He drove them all out when he was seven or eight or nine or ten years of age, at the same time he passed God out of his heart.

     Well, let's see what Dickie says about it: "I had quite a time quieting down my associate (after the murder). I cooled him down in five minutes, after we got him (Bobby Franks) into the back seat thinking he was alive. I got calmer while quieting my associate. Franks was hit on the head several times. My associate said, ‘This is terrible, this is terrible."

     And if it is the fate of these two perverts that they must pay the penalty of this crime upon the gallows, when they realize it, you will find that they have emotions, and you will find they have fear, and you will find these cowardly perverts will have to be carried to the gallows.