The LAPD Officers' (Rodney King Beating) Trial: Selected Images

Rodney King (face)
Rodney King (in court)
Rodney King (after rioting)[CRANE/LA DAILY NEWS]
Sgt. Stacey Koon (in court)
Officer Laurence Powell (in court)
Officer Thedore Briseno
Officer Timothy Wind [KULISH/LA DAILY NEWS]
Judge Stanley Weisberg
Sgt. Charles Duke (Use-of-Force Expert)
Prosecutor Terry White
Defense Attorney Michael Stone [GERSON/LA DAILY NEWS]
Defense Attorney Darrryl Mounger
Prosecutor White Points at Powell
Defense Table at Trial
L.A. Riots (photo 1)
Prosecutor Steve Clymer [GORMAN/LA TIMES]
Map Showing Chase, Arrest, and Trial Sites

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