Jury Deliberations: miscellaneous facts

1.  About 10% of jurors undecided at outset of deliberations.
2.  Secret balloting results in more hung juries in criminal trials.
3.  More equal discussion around round tables.
4.  High status jurors more likely to be forepersons.
5.  Motives are a central focus of discussion.  (stories)
6.  Jurors who are good for plaintiff on liability might not be on damages.
7.  Jurors often interpret instructions differently than lawyers (invent law to do justice).
8.  Jurors often think defendant not stupid enough to do what he is accused of doing.
9.  Inadmissible evidence often discussed.
10.  Compromises common (liability-damages; lesser charge)
11.  Googling, Facebook, and blogs becoming cause for mistrials.
12.  External influences (e.g., bribe) basis for new trial, but not internal influences (e.g., flipping coins, prayer, astrology).