The Trial of Jesus: Selected Images
The paintings and drawings accessible from this Web page were, of course, created centuries after the actual events depicted--and therefore cannot be considered to be historically accurate in many details.
Jesus in the Temple in Jerusalem
Christ Driving the Money Changers from the Temple (El Greco)
Scale Model of Temple Sanctuary in the Time of Jesus
Jesus in Gethsemane
The Agony in the Garden (Mantegna)
The Betrayal of Christ (Giotto)
Garden tomb near Gethsemane (photo)
Jesus Before Caiaphas
Christ Before Caiaphas (Giotto)
Jesus Before Caiaphas (Angelico)
Ossuary (or bone box) of Caiaphas, discovered in 1990
Inscription, in Aramaic, on ossuary of Caiaphas
Jesus Before Pilate
Christ Before Pilot (Rembrandt)
Pontius Pilate (Giotto)
Pilate Presents Jesus to the Crowd (Ciseri)
Pilate Washing His Hands (Preti)
The Crucifixion of Jesus & Aftermath
Crown of Thorns (Fabbi)
The Road to Calvary (Martini)
Jerusalem on the Day of Christ's Death (Pichat)
Jerusalem on the Day of Crucifixion (1890)
The Crucifixion (Antonello da Messina)
The Crucifixion (Hubert van Eyck)
The Crucifixion (1890)
Heelbone of a first-century crucifixion victim (photo)
(discovered near Jerusalem in 1968)
Ossuary of James, brother of Jesus? (Biblical Archaeology Society)
(revealed in 2002 and thought at first to be ossuary of James, brother of Jesus of Nazareth--
but  by 2003 the inscription was generally regarded as a fake)
Oldest known gospel manuscript (papyrus fragment of Luke)
Gospel writer (Saint Mark)
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