H.H. Holmes (Herman Mudgett) Trial (1896):
 Selected Links & Bibliography
by Kaitlin Woody

Herman Mudgett, more infamously known by his alias Dr. H. H. Holmes, was tried and convicted for the murder of Benjamin Pitezel.  Known for being one of the first documented American serial killers, Holmes confessed, originally, to 100 murders but later recanted his story and changed the number to 27.  For this confession he was paid $7,500 by Hearst Newspapers. The exact number of his victims remains undermined, with estimates ranging from 27 to well over 100.  Many of Mudgett's murders took place in a hotel he operated in Chicago around the time of the 1893 World's Fair hosted in that city.  Numerous unusual features show that Mudgett designed and built his hotel (often called "the Castle") with the murder of women clearly on his mind.


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