The Trials of Alger Hiss: Selected Video Clips
Video Clip #1:
 Chambers testifies before HUAC that he was "fond of Mr. Hiss," but feels now that Hiss represents "the concealed enemy" and that he must now, "with pity and remorse," testify against him.  [August 1948]
Video Clip #2:
 Hiss identifies Chambers as "George Crosley" at August 25, 1948 HUAC hearing.  Hiss and Chambers, responding to Committee questions, offer contradictory answers as to when they last saw each other.
Video Clip #3:
 Congressman Mundt, at HUAC hearing, summarizes case against Hiss.  Hiss responds and challenges Chambers to make statements about him under oath, so that he might be subject to slander suit. [August 1948]
Video Clip #4:
Richard Nixon describes importance of "Pumpkin Papers" and warns of State Department employees "selling this country down the river." 
Video Clip #5:
 Chambers offers his reaction to guilty verdict in Hiss perjury trial.  [January 1950][Video: Lowenthal, John, The Trials of Alger Hiss (1980).]

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