The Alger Hiss Trials: Selected Links

Readers looking for additional information on the Hiss trials are advised to visit "The Alger Hiss Story," a site constructed with the support of the Alger Hiss Research and Publication Project of the Nation Institute.  The site is rich and beautifully designed.  It contains extensive links to documents and images pertaining to many aspects of the Hiss hearings and trials, including many rather recent developments in the case.  Readers should note, however, that the site maintains a decidedly sympathetic view of Hiss.  A note on the site even notes that a primary goal of the site is to provide "a comprehensive look at the case for the defense" (emphasis added).  This pro-Hiss orientation is not surprising given the funding for the site and the fact that its managing editor is Jeff Kisseloff, who assisted Alger Hiss in the preparation of his coram nobis petition.

The Alger Hiss Story (N.Y.U.)

Another valuable source of information is maintained by David Chambers, grandson of Whittaker Chambers.  "Whittaker Chambers in Books,"  , offers the comments of David Chambers on books relating to Whittaker Chambers and undertakes the tasks of correcting published mistakes about the case and re-thinking the case.  A second website,  collects online information about Chambers.


PBS, Atomic Spies: Alger Hiss

Review of Chambers's Witness (with extensive links on case)

Cold War Resources

Washington Post:  Nixon Urged Hiss Indictment (Oct., 1999)

Salon: "We're a Long Way from the End of This" (Interview with Tony Hiss about his father's case)(June, 1999)

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