The Alger Hiss Trials: Selected Images

Before the Confrontation: Hiss & Chambers

Alger Hiss with Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes (1930; John Knox photo)
Whittaker Chambers in 1931
Hiss Family Home in 1938
Whittaker Chambers at Time
Alger Hiss (at left of rostrum) with President Truman (1945)
Hiss receiving resolution of praise from Stettinus (1945, UPI)
VENONA transcript referring to Hiss? ("ALES")(3/1945)
Alger Hiss with U. N. Charter (and its own parachute)

House Un-American Activities Committee Hearings

Hiss at his first hearing (8/5/1948, UPI)
Hiss examines photos of Chambers
HUAC member (Nixon, Investigator Robert Stripling, and Chairman Thomas) with Hiss files
Hiss is asked to identify Chambers (8/17/1948, UPI)
Richard Nixon examines film found in pumpkin
Nixon and Stripling study film frames
Chambers testifies at hearing (8/25/1948)
The prothontory warbler

The Trials

Hiss and his brother Donald (left) arrive to testify before grand jury
Hiss in subway after pleading not guilty
Defense attorney Lloyd Stryker with Hiss (UPI)
Judge Stanley Kaufman (UPI)
Prosecutor Thomas F. Murphy (UPI)
Defense attorney Claude Cross with Hiss (second trial)(UPI)
A "Pumpkin Paper" document
Woodstock Typewriter N230099
Judge Henry Goddard (second trial)(UPI)
Hiss with wife Priscilla after sentencing (1/25/50; UPI)
Hiss on his way to jail (UPI)
Hiss leaving Lewisburg Federal Prison (11/27/1954; UPI)

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