The Haymarket Riot and Trial: Selected Newpaper Articles

Articles from the Chicago Tribune

"A Hellish Deed: A Dynamite Bomb is Thrown Into a Crowd of Policeman"
(May 5, 1886)

"In the Grasp of the Law: Spies, Fielden, and Other Socialists Behind the Bars"
(May 6, 1886)

"Startling Evidence Now in the Possession of State's Attorney Grinnell"
(May 11, 1886)

"Before the Grand Jury: The Taking of Testimony Begins in Dynamite Case"
(May 20, 1886)

"He Shows Up at Last: Anarchist Parsons Walks Calmly Into Judge Gray's Court"
(June 22, 1886)

Articles in The New York Times

"Bloodshed in Chicago"  (McCormick Reaper Works incident)
(N.Y. Times, May 4, 1886)

"Anarchy's Red Hand--Rioting and Bloodshed in the Streets of Chicago"
(N.Y. Times, May 6, 1886)

"The Anarchists Cowed"
(N. Y. Times, May 8, 1886)

"Strong Evidence Obtained Against the Leaders"
(N. Y. Times, May 11, 1886)

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