Significant Changes in the Legal Profession

1.  It has become harder for law grads to find jobs.
2.  Average pay has decreased rather than increased.
3.  Most firms have more of a bottom-line focus.
4.  There are fewer opportunities for mentoring in law firms.
5.  There are fewer opportunities for lawyers to develop deep relationships with clients.
6.  There has been an increase in specialization.
7.  Technology has greatly reduced research time.
8.  Clients are calling shots more--and they want better, cheaper, faster.
9.  Law firms have increased billable hour requirements.
10.  More companies are having their legal work handled in-house.
11.  More legal work is being outsourced.
12.  People are using technology to do their own legal research.
13.  New categories of jobs (strategy-focused or technology-based) are being created in the legal field.

14.  Law firms are more dependent than ever on advertising and marketing.