A Short Play by Charles Guiteau
(written four days before his hanging)

Charles J. Guiteau

Charles Guiteau
(June 26, 1882)


Scene between the Almighty and my murderers.

The Almighty: Why did you murder my man Guiteau?

Crocker. (Crying & wailing): I was warden, U wanted my salary.

“No excuse. Go to Hell.”

The Almighty (To Arthur): Why did you not pardon Mr. Guiteau?

I wanted to; but was afraid it would defeat my nomination in ’84.

“No excuse you ingrate! Go to Hell.  Heat up Mr. Devil!”

The Almighty (To newspaper man): Whey did you hound my man to death?

We did not believe he was your man.

“No excuse. Go to Hell.”

The Almighty, To the American people:
“For your diabolical spirit towards my man I will destroy your nationality as I did the Jewish nation.  It took me nearly forty years to get even with the Jews for killing my man & I will get even with you for killing Mr. Guiteau.  You are doomed!”

Charles Guiteau
US Jail
June 26, 1882

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