Note Written by Charles Guiteau to General Sherman for Release on Day of Assassination

Charles J. Guiteau

To General Sherman:
I have just shot the President.  I shot him several times as I wished  him to go as easily as possible. His death was a political necessity.

I am a lawyer, theologian, and politician. I am a Stalwart of the Stalwarts. I was with General Grant and the rest of our men, in New York during the canvass.

I am going to the Jail. Please order out your troops, and take possession of the jail at once.
           Very respectfully,
                        Charles Guiteau.

Answer note by General Sherman addressed from "Headquarters of the Army, Washington, DC. July 2, 1881, "in which he states that "I don't know the writer. Never heard of or saw him to my knowledge..."

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