A Brief History of the Famous Trials Website

1993: First publicly available web browser released (Mosaic)

October 1994: Netscape browser released

November 1995:  Site put on WWW (first trial: Scopes)
    (18,000 active websites, 16 million people have access to WWW)

Sept. 1998: Google incorporated and releases "Beta" version of search engine

1999:  Famous Trials site averages 100,000 page requests/month for first time; 12 trials on site

October 1999: Site reviewed in New York Times

January 2001: Wikipedia launches; 500 million people have access to WWW; 20 trials on Famous Trials site

January 2002: Wikipedia posts 20,000 articles

2003: Famous Trials site averages over 1 million page requests/month for first time

2004:  Google handles 85% of all search requests; Wikipedia posts 1 million articles

2006: Famous Trials hits peak usage of 1.81 million page requests/month

2010: Wikipedia, posting 3 million articles, called as accurate as Encyclopedia Britannica by Nature;
 70 million active websites; Google Books scanning 10 million books; 60 trials on Famous Trials site