What is "Famous Trials"?

1.  Collection of materials relating to 70 (and counting) famous trials, "from Socrates to Simpson."
2.  Materials include an original account of trial, chronology, images, trial transcript excerpts, newspaper accounts, maps and diagrams, links, bibliography, and an assortment of primary documents.
3.  Largest and most visited collection of trial materials on the Web.
4.  Receives about 1.5 million page requests per month (7 million "hits").
5.  Visitors include by students (from jr. high to grad school), teachers, researchers, and the curious.
6.  About 85% visitors are from the U.S.
7.  Over one hundred courses in colleges and law schools are based on collection.
8.  Not a "database."
9.  Idiosyncratic and kaleidoscopic.