What is "Famous Trials"?

Al Capone in court with his attorneys
1.  Trials, not appellate cases.
2.  Types of trials

criminal (e.g., O. J. Simpson) or civil (e.g, Brown v Board of Education of Topeka)

jury or non-jury (judge-tried) (e.g., Nelson Mandela)

special trials: court martial (e.g., Calley); military commission (e.g., Lincoln assassination  conspiracy trial); special commission (e.g., Salem witchcraft trials); international tribunal (e.g., Nuremberg); impeachment (e.g., Clinton); ecclesiatical (e.g., Galileo).

3.  What makes a trial famous?

horrific crime (e.g, Charles Manson); famous defendant (Socrates, Oscar Wilde, Al Capone); famous victim (Lindbergh kidnapping); connection to important social movement (Susan B. Anthony, Mississippi Burning trial); connection to famous incident (Boston Massacre trial, Black Sox trial); raises crucial question (Amistad, Scopes "Monkey" trial); probable wrongful conviction (Leo Frank); probable wrongful acquittal (Rodney King beating trial); enduring mystery (Sam Shephard); led to landmark Supreme Court decision (Brown v Board)