Famous Trials
by Douglas O. Linder (2018)

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There are trials that don’t simply end with their verdict. There are trials that have a power that reverberates throughout history. Many have shaped and transformed the very social, political, and legal traditions we take for granted today. It’s trials like these that are deserving of the description “great.”
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Trials covered:

1         The Trial of Socrates

2         The Trial of Gaius Verres

3         Three Medieval Trials

4         The Trial of Sir Thomas More

5         The Trial of Giordano Bruno

6         The Salem Witchcraft Trials

7         The Boston Massacre trials

8         The Aaron Burr Conspiracy Trials

9         The Amistad Trials

10     The Dakota Conflict Trials

11     The Lincoln Assassination Conspiracy Trial

12     The Trial of Louis Riel

13     The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde

14     The Trial of Joseph Shipp

15     The Leopold and Loeb Trial

16     The Scopes “Monkey” Trial

17     The Trials of “The Scottsboro Boys”

18     The Nuremberg Trials

19     The Alger Hiss Trials

20     The Rivonia (Nelson Mandela) Trial

21     The Mississippi Burning Trial

22     The Trial of the Chicago 8

23     The McMartin Preschool Abuse Trial

24     The O.J. Simpson Trial

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Trial of Socrates
(399 B.C.)
Gaius Verres
Trial (70 B.C.)

Joan of Arc Trial

Thomas More
Trial  (1535)
Trial of 
Galileo (1633)

Salem Witchcraft
Trials (1692)

John Peter Zenger
Trial (1735) 
Boston Massacre
 Trials (1770)
Dakota Conflict
Trials (1862)

  Sam Sheppard
Trials (1954 & '66)

Moussaoui (9/11)
Trial (2006)

Enron (Lay & Skilling)
Trial (2006)