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Testimony of Dr. Thomas Hancock

Dr. Thomas Hancock, a Columbia University graduate and chief of medicine for the Georgia Railway and Power Company, conducted a physical examination of Leo Frank. He was called by the defense to cast doubt on the testimony of Jim Conley, who claimed on the stand that Frank had told him he was "not built [sexually] like other men."

Examination by Reuben Arnold

Arnold:  "Have you made a physical examination of Leo M. Frank?"

Hancock:  "Yes."

Arnold: "Is he normal?"

Hancock:  "I have examined the private parts of Leo M. Frank and found nothing abnormal. As far as my examination disclosed he is a normal man sexually."

Cross-examination by Hugh Dorsey: 

Dorsey: "You don't mean to say, that homosexuality is confined to defected patients?"

Arnold:  "In my experience, I have not touched on that line." 

Dorsey:  "Didn't you say that you had examined Frank?"

Arnold: "Yes, but I judged merely from his outward appearance."

Dorsey:  "You know but little, then, of homosexuality?"

Arnold:  [shrugs]

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