Excerpts from Trial Testimony of Selected Witnesses
in Falwell v. Flynt (1984)

Alan L. Isaacman,
attorney for Larry Flynt

Testimony of Robert Jordan
(Advertising agent for Campari testifies that it had nothing to do with parody ad and was upset by its publication)

Testimony of Ronald Godwin
(Moral Majority executive testifies as to Falwell's reaction to parody ad)

Testimony of Richard Warren Lewis
(Hustler editor testifies as to creation of parody ad and discussion of its content)

Testimony of Dr. Saul Niedorf
(Niedorf testifies that Larry Flynt was suffering from mental illness at the time of his deposition)

Testimony of Kelly Garrett
(Hustler editor testifies that nobody at editorial meeting thought ad would be taken seriously)

Plaintiff's Trial Exhibits 1, 3, and 20
(Larry Flynt, in 1983 and 1984 issues of Hustler, discussing "The Politics of Porn," "the Desecration of America," and "Meeting the Challenge")