Enron Stock Price Chart and Data

Historical stock price and volume data for every day of trading (pdf)

(A) 1996 to 2001: Enron is the darling of Wall Street; share price rises; Fortune magazine calls Enron “America’s Most Innovative Company” for six consecutive years.

(B) 1999 to mid-2001: Enron executives and directors receive $1.1 billion by selling 17.3 million shares.

(C) April 17, 2001: Enron reports first quarter profits of $536 million.

(D) August 14, 2001: Jeffrey K. Skilling abruptly resigns as chief executive, citing “personal reasons,” Mr. Lay reassume the position of CEO.

(E) August 20, 2001: Kenneth Lay sells 93,000 shares for about $2 million.  At the same time, he urges employees to buy company shares, sends an e-mail to employees assuring them that the company is on solid footing, and predicts "significantly higher stock price.”

(F) September 26, 2001: In an online chat with employees, Mr. Lay says that Enron stock is a good buy and that the company’s accounting methods are “legal and totally appropriate.”

(G) October 16, 2001: Enron reports a third-quarter loss of $618 million.

(H) October 22, 2001: The Securities and Exchange Commission opens an inquiry into Enron’s accounting.

(I) December 2, 2001: Enron files for bankruptcy protection.

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