United States v Daniel Ellsberg and Anthony Russo: Selected Testimony (1973)
United States District Court, Central District of California

Testimony of Linda Sinay Resnick (excerpts)


Q What occurred with regard to the use of your Xerox machine?
A Dan and Tony used the Xerox machine.
Q Did you see them?
A Yes.
Q On how many occasions did they use it?
A I'm not quite sure because I wasn't there all the time.
Q How many occasions were you there when they used it?
A At least four, maybe seven, eight. You know, I'm not clear. . . .
Q And over what period of time did these copying sessions occur?
A Ten days, two weeks.
Q Can you place for US precisely in time when those ten days or two weeks occurred?
A I can't; I thought it was after the 4th of July or I felt it was after the 4th of July, of 1969; but I'm not-I've never been sure, as you know, of exactly the date or the dates.
Q How did the documents arrive at your office? Who brought them?
A Dan.
Q How did he bring them?
A In a briefcase.
Q Will you describe it for us, please.
A It was shaped like that (pointing to an accordian-style file, and like this, like that black one that you-just like that, only it was beige. . . .
Q Did you receive any payment for the use of your Xerox machine?
A Yes.
Q From whom?
A Dan.
Q What was the amount of payment, as you recall it? . . . .
THE COURT: Before you turn to that, what did that payment represent? Was it a cost to you?
THE COURT: For the paper?
THE WITNESS: Cost, yes, paper, and what­ever overage of copies on-you only get a certain amount on your Xerox, you know, for rental, and if you go over that, they charge you for overage.
THE COURT: It was a charge strictly for cost; no profit?
THE WITNESS: That is right. 
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