The Daniel Ellsberg (Pentagon Papers) Trial: Selected Images

Daniel Ellsberg serving in Vietnam

The Defendants

Ellsberg testifies before Senate committee (May 16, 1973)(AP)
Ellsberg talks to the media during trial
Anthony Russo
Ellsberg in 2010 (still protesting wars)
Eugenio Martinez (mugshot of man who broke into offices of Ellsberg's psychiatrist)

The Pentagon Papers

Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, commissioned the Pentagon Papers study
Morton Halperin, supervised the Pentagon Papers study
Three senators open box containing the Pentagon Papers (June 1971)


Editor Ben Bradlee and Publisher Katherine Graham celebrate court victory (Washington Post)
Reporter Neil Sheehan, Managing Editor A. M. Rosenthal, and Foreign Editor James Greenfield of New York Times
(photo taken on May 1, 1972 after announcement that Times had won Pulitzer Prize for its stories on the Pentagon Papers)(AP)

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