Adolf Eichmann Trial (1961):
 Selected Links & Bibliography
by Kaitlin Woody


The Trial of Adolf Eichmann

Adolf Eichmann (Wikipedia)

Adolf Eichmann (The Nizkor Project)

The Trial of Adolf Eichmann (The Nizkor Project)

Adolf Eichmann (NSA)

'Marking 50 Years Since the Eichmann Trial' (Yad Vashem)

Eichmann Trial (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum)

Adolf Eichmann (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum)

'Marking 50 Years Since the Eichmann Trial' Online Exhibit (Yad Vashem)

'The Hunt for Adolf Eichmann' (TruTV)*contains some graphic images


Eichmann Trial Channel
"The Eichmann Trial Channel contains over 200 hours of trial sessions and a compilation of testimonies.  The Channel is a joint effort between Yad Vashem and the Israel State Archives" -description from YouTube Channel


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