The Alfred Dreyfus Trials: Selected Links & Bibliography
by Nancy Morgan

1906 Dreyfus Rehabilitated

This comprehensive site on Alfred Dreyfus is divided into five sections: France on the Threshold of the 20th Century, The French and the Dreyfus Affair, Alfred Dreyfus and his Family, The Long Road to Justice and The Aftermath of the Affair.  There is a link entitled Multimedia that contains digitized images of original correspondence, court, military and police documents along with newspaper articles, drawings and photographs. Below are examples of what can be accessed though the Multimedia section of this site.

Inventory of pieces of evidence and the procedure for dossiers I and II in Dreyfus's review trial.

Conviction of Dreyfus handed down on 22 December 1894 by the Paris court martial.

Alfred Dreyfus' letter to the Minister of Justice, requesting a review of his 1899 conviction.

Dreyfus's conviction is confirmed by the Paris review board (4 pages, the 3rd page of which consists solely of the name of the printer)

The second sentencing of Captain Dreyfus, handed down at Rennes on 9 September 1899, granting him extenuating circumstances; this certified copy, an element of the Court of Cassation's dossier, does not list the court fees visible on the court martial's register, whose final pages are reproduced after the documents attached to the text on La publicité de l'arrêt innocentant Dreyfus

France: The Dreyfus Affair 1894 - 1906  06-ENGL.html

This site contains a large compilation of material from Encyclopaedia Judaica. Included are photographs, digitized illustrations and excerpts from newspapers of the time, including the January 13, 1898 letter of Emile Zola to the President of the Republic, "J'Accuse," published in Georges Clemenceau's newspaper, L'Aurore.

Alfred Dreyfus on His Interrogation, Trial, and Degradation

Excerpts from Alfred Dreyfus, Cinq Années de Ma Vie. Paris, Maspero, 1982 writing on his interrogation and trial.

Dreyfus' Brother Denounces Esterhazy

Letter of November 16, 1897 from Mathieu Dreyfus to the Minister denouncing M. Count Walsin-Esterhazy, commandant of the infantry.

"Dreyfus affair, 1894-1906" Digital Photo Collection
The New York Public Library has digitized 14 illustrations related to the Dreyfus Affair. Included in this gallery are court scenes during the trial, the court martial, and reading of the verdict at Rennes.

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I Accuse (1958) 

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