Cartoon History: Set 3

Set 1: Trials and Execution
Set 2: First Violence

Cartoon Set 3: Last Battle & Surrender

The morning of Sept. 23, 1862, found Col. Henry H Sibley and 1,600 soldiers camped near Wood Lake. Less than a mile away were Chief Little Crow and 700 Sioux, waiting to ambush Sibley's army.  
 The Third Minnesota infantry regiment troops, recently added to Sibley's force, were a bitter, unruly lot.  They'd been surrendered to the Confederates by their officers at Murfreesboro.  The South then freed the regiment to go north and fight the Indians.
Hoping to find fresh potatoes and corn, a dozen men from the third slipped out of camp on a foraging trip.  The headed for the farms of the Upper Indian agency, just three miles away. 


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