Cartoon History
Set 1:Trials and Executions
From Sept. 28 to November 3 almost 400 Indians were tried.  A total of 303 were condemned to death.  The slightest suspicion that a warrior had been at any of the battles automatically brought the death sentence.

True terrible crimes had been committed by the Sioux.  But those guilty of the worst had escaped.  Many of the Indians who remained had little to do with the war.  Some had even helped the white prisoners.  Yet the common cry was "Annihilate the Sioux!"


On Nov. 7, more than a thousand Indians, mostly women and children, were marched from the lower agency to Fort Snelling.  In Henderson, townspeople attacked them with clubs and stones.  Two days later, the 3030 Indians condemned to die were led, shackled, through New Ulm.  They too were attacked.


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