Kevin Lambert , Scandals in Eden (1997)

Billy James Hargis, now in his 70's, built a career howling against the usual things that irritate the umbrageous right; sex, permissiveness, drugs, communism. A flat faced Oklahoman with the porcine eyes of a prison guard, he went from nowhere to top billing on 140 television and 500 radio stations. He founded a Christian college and a newspaper which attained a circulation of 200,000....

In the mid-seventies, two students from his Bible College testified that the Reverend had officiated at their wedding ceremony, gone along on the honeymoon, and took his turn with the bride. And then with the groom. Then it came out that Hargis had been bringing college choir boys to his farm. Exhorting them with the biblical passage about David's friendship with Jonathan, and threatening them with blacklisting if they talked, Billy took them into his bed and did his devilish business with them. (The name of the choir was the "All American Kids.")

Confronted with these accusations, Hargis admitted it all, blaming it on "genes and chromosomes." That confused his critics for a moment. Billy James had never been the kind of guy to trot in scientific arguments, so he stepped things up. He withdrew his confession and bounded back to the college. He claimed that the Lord had forgiven him, and, just in case He hadn't, held on to the mailing lists. He blamed his barnyard buggery on "Liberal subversion" and "The forces of Satan out to silence anti-communism."