Pending Church-State Cases

Adriel Arocha

1.     Perry v Schwarznegger (before 9th Circuit)("the gay marriage case")

2.     FFRF v Obama (7th Cir)(National Day of Prayer)

3.     Intermountain Fair Housing Counsel v Boise Rescue Mission)(9th Cir)(man forced to choose between jail and conversion to Christianity)

4.     Spencer v World Vision (9th Cir)(en banc rehearing denied Jan 2011)(WV could fire employees for not being religious enough while receiving Faith-Based Initiative $)(no state action; firing not attributable to state)

      5.  A. A v Needville School District (5th Cir)(5-year-old Native American boy may wear long hair in school for religious reasons)(Free
          Exercise case--see Yoder; Texas RF Act)

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