Sweatt v Painter (1950)

1. Bill Sweatt denied admission to U of Texas law school.

2. Texas offered to build Sweatt (and other blacks) an entirely new law school,  Texas State University for Negroes (in Houston).

3.  In the meantime, classes taught to 23 students by five local lawyers in the basement of the State Capitol Building.

4.  Did Sweatt get an "equal" education?
---Supreme Court says no
---Frankfurter (in conference): "Intercourse among the students is the life of the place."
---Court says "equal really means equal" (reputation, quality of faculty, number of books in library, etc.)

5.  NAACP goal of making "separate but equal" too expensive for states to maintain.

6.  Sweatt dropped out after a year because his property was destroyed and he was verbally abused by other students.

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