Notes on Learning
1. We filter new information through our preconceptions.
2. We suffer from a confirmation bias--we give great weight to evidence that confirms are beliefs, but little weight to evidence which casts doubt on our beliefs.
3.  Depth is better than breadth.
--Father Guido Sarducci's "Five Minute University"
--Building a framework for analyzing new problems
4.  Different people learn differently
--Active strategies (e.g., outlining, discussing, diagramming) generally better than passive strategies
--Specific strategies to try (focusing on 3 points in each class, making a connection between material and something in your life)
--Goal: elaborative encoding-->move to long-term memory storage
5.  People with "growth mindsets" learn better than people
     with "fixed mindsets."
6.  Thinking about how you learn best helps you learn better.
7.  Students listen differently to teachers.
--"Listening energy" is limited
--Some are "people-oriented listeners" (non-judgmental and caring), while others are "action-oriented listeners" (want speakers to be concise and get to key information quickly)

Exploring Constitutional Law