Trial of Fidel Castro (1953):
 Selected Links & Bibliography
by Douglas O. Linder

Cuban Bill Depicting the 1953 Storming of the Moncada Barracks

Fidel Castro Being Questioned After His 1953 Arrest

"[T]he trials that followed the ill-fated attack [on Moncada Barracks] turned the military failure on its head by cultivating a cult of heroism. Moreover, since it was the first time the movement came into full public view, the trials— specifically Fidel’s—captured the national imagination as more and more Cubans began to sympathize with its cause. Lastly, Moncada catapulted Fidel into contention for leadership of the armed struggle, and his fame was projected throughout the island."  --Krissie Butler


Castro's Failed Coup at Moncada Barracks (PBS, American Experience)

History Will Absolve Me (Castro's Trial Speech in His Own Defense)(Wikipedia)

"History Will Absolve Me" (Text of Castro's Trial Speech)

"Fidel Castro and Masculine Independence" (Krissie Butler, columbia Univ. Conference)

"Fidel Castro Timeline"

The  Moncada Barracks After July 1953 Attack

Fidel Castro (October, 1953)

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